What My Clients Have To Say:


Violeta S.

I am so glad I made the decision to work with Stacy. Her program is complete with recipes, videos, and relevant nutrition research articles. She includes different topics such as sleep, mental health, how to detect emotional hunger, exercise, etc. Stacy is always with you, motivating you to achieve your goals, and giving you encouragement and strategies to achieve your goals. Through this program, I learned more about my relationship with food and how to have a healthier lifestyle without counting calories and it has made me more aware of what, how much and when I eat. I have worked with many people before but none like Stacy. With her I learned new habits that will stay with me for life.

Angie B.

I love working with Stacy. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is compassionate, a realist and she manages to keep it fun. I have had several “aha" moments while working with her, and she has helped me spot loopholes in my own eating patterns and habits. Staying healthy is a lifestyle and Stacy is the first coach I have worked with who approaches all aspects and walks her talk. I definitely recommend working with her!

Gwen N.

I highly recommend working with Stacy. She helped me understand not only what I was eating, but why I was eating. She helped me determine my eating patterns and guided me gently towards healthier options. I never felt criticized, and there was always a way to get back on track! Stacy’s nutrition coaching is for anyone: anyone trying to lose weight, live a healthier life, boost their immune system or find more energy in their day!

Sarah H.

After more than 10 years of yo-yo dieting and restricting and binging while doing damage to my psychological and emotional connection to food, I was really lost when it came to understanding how to have a healthy relationship with eating. After repeatedly watching all of my effort and discipline slip away over the summer, during the holidays, whenever my life got a bit tough, or whenever I fell out of routine, I knew I needed something different than the many diets and cleanses I had been on before. What I really needed was someone to help me stay accountable in an objective and caring way. Stacy and her program provided exactly that, going above and beyond all my expectations. She gets right to the crux of the problem when it comes to being successful in making long term lifestyle changes, which is simply just sticking to your guidelines in order to achieve your goals. It sounds easy when we say it, but Stacy helps with the many nuances that come along with actually doing it.

So much of Stacy’s program combines different approaches to mindful eating that allowed me to have a more objective and less emotional, psychologically burdened perspective on my eating habits. You track meals, but not in an obsessive, counting every calorie way. There is room for treats when your body wants them, but not in a cheat day eat everything in sight way. There are many resources with recipes provided, but you are never given a meal plan that forces you to eat foods you have never liked the taste of. What stood out to me was how real this program was. It doesn’t pretend that real life isn’t out there with all of the obstacles to clean, healthy eating. Instead it plans for those obstacles and allows you to adjust and work on a timeline that is right for you.

For years I have struggled with having an all-or-nothing attitude when it came to living a healthy lifestyle. No matter how aware I was of this, or how much I desperately wanted to lead a balanced lifestyle, I struggled to do so. After my experience with Stacy, through her guidance and the many resources provided throughout the 12 weeks, my biggest take away has been that doing a little is better than doing nothing at all, and in fact, all of those little things you do are perhaps the most important when it comes to long term change. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, at any point in their life, whether this is the first time they have decided to seek change, or if, like me, they have tried many times before. I was extremely happy with my results. I lost weight. I became more active. Most importantly, I was able to incorporate accountability into my life and develop a more objective view of my eating habits. Thank you, Stacy!!!!!

Sara J.

Your overall enthusiasm for leading a well-rounded, healthy life was infectious (in a good way ;)) I loved your topics and the order and I will definitely keep re-visiting them. I could see myself doing this again in the future to see what you have added in each area once I've had some consistent time to keep applying the ideas so far.

This is the first time I have made lifestyle improvements that are manageable, I will keep doing and keep improving on. You provided so many resources and one-on-one ideas / tips that I believe your time is worth that to me. I was talking to my husband about it too and he agrees the improvements made to our family eating / planning / scheduling around food have been positive.

Stacy you are lovely to work with. Thank you so much for the support. You are always smiling and positive and it is noticed and appreciated. I love the resources - written / video / songs / recipes -so multi-faceted! Thank you :) I had a crappy summer and I am so glad I joined this program and am on a path to success with health for the first time in a long time. :)


Kari S.

Stacy is an amazing coach to work with. She was the missing link that I long searched for to help me get closer to my own personal goals. She is always with you every step of the way which brings you that much closer to success! Stacy is a great listener and truly cares about you and your goals. 

The app is amazing for tracking your daily food, and with Stacy's accountability coaching, you will definitely think twice about what you reach for! You will meet other like-minded people on the app for inspiration and support. At times I felt like I was sliding off track or taking two steps back instead of forward. Stacy is always there to assure you she's got your back and inspire you with the motivation that you need to keep going. She always gives positive advice to refocus and get you back on track.

In just three months I have grown to have a healthier relationship with food and learned that when you implement changes gradually and learn to make good habits it becomes routine. Which is why the changes I have made are sustainable and long term. Stacy taught me to be more in tune with my body and listen to it so I can make better decisions around food. This is a way of life that creates balance and leads you to a happier healthier body and mind. Learn to trust the process and good things will come! 

Thank you for all your encouragement, motivation, support and resources. Stacy has a heart of gold! Thank you for being you and helping me find my way.

Jasmine M.

If you're reading this, you are probably feeling like I was 12 weeks ago. Really wanting to make lasting changes, but tired of dieting and giving up on yourself. 

For years, I've longed to be a person that has a balanced approach to food, but I always tried to achieve that through extreme means. I thought I needed someone to keep me accountable to my diet, but working with Stacy actually helped transform my diet mindset entirely. 

She'll help you make gradual changes that you can sustain. She's also incredibly supportive and understanding. I learned so much from the experience and I've made some great habits that I know I will carry forward. If you are a diet fanatic like I was, I definitely challenge you to sign up and give yourself 12 weeks with Stacy. It may change your body, but more importantly, it'll change your mind.

Chyenne T.

Accountability coaching was exactly what I needed to get back into healthy habits after a stressful year of family health scares and wedding planning. While I felt like I knew basic nutrition knowledge of “eat your veggies”, “drink your water”, “reduce sugar intake”, it’s very helpful to make better choices when you have someone holding you accountable. Stacy does just that!

She has a Pinterest page of so many healthy and tasty recipes available to you, she helps you plan out your week so you stay on track, and she can see EVERYTHING you eat from the app you use to track your food! It really helps you to think twice about what you’re eating. 

I especially love her social media presence, she does a live video almost every day on her private clients only page, and I swear when she does them she’s talking straight to me about a topic that I really needed to hear. She has so many resources available, from the Facebook page, to her newsletter, and her Instagram posts!

I even got my husband to start enjoying more vegetables so that’s a huge win as well! It really doesn’t feel like you’re “dieting”, you aren’t restricting, you’re just making healthier choices with someone cheering you on along the way! At the end of the 12 weeks I have a better understanding of eating until you’re satisfied, planning ahead so you stay on track, and understanding that life doesn’t always go according to plan, but you can always get back on track in the next meal. I’ve created way better eating habits and I’m hoping to continue choosing healthy habits for life!

Thank you so much Stacy!!

Keely S.

I would highly recommend Stacy’s program to absolutely anyone looking to make some super positive changes in their life! Before the program, I was a terrible eater: junk food, chips and candy were a normal staple in my house. Stacy taught me how to eat and how to do it in a life-changing way. The podcasts, articles, recipes, recommendations and advice all added up to amazing results. It was exactly the support I needed to make changes in how I looked at food. I struggled at times with feeling like I wasn’t making big enough changes, but from Stacy’s support and daily cheerleading, I was able to realize that every little change truly does add up! The cliche term of “baby steps” really was the best route for me. Everyone starts somewhere!

I also learned so much about the importance of sleep, movement, and how to say “no”! I have been consciously thinking before I say “yes” to all sorts of things in my life! This was a wonderful start on a continuing journey towards a much healthier me!

Terri H.

I enjoyed the 12 week program with Stacy very much.  Throughout my life I have experienced many programs to help maintain a healthy weight and healthy attitude towards food through all life challenges including menopause.

I felt that working with Stacy helped solidify some things for me plus I’ve gained some new ideas, strategies and recipes.  The resources that Stacy sent for us to experience are thought provoking, interesting and relevant.

The app was easy to use (for someone that doesn’t use many apps) and easy to incorporate in my day. This process with Stacy’s support and guidance helped me to be more aware of my choices and to be “in the moment “ in all aspects to be aware of what I’m eating, why, and to savor and enjoy. I also appreciated the camaraderie of this program!  

Thank you Stacy!

Kyla A.

Stacy is with you 100% of the way, even when you are not. She is great at nudging you towards your goal and celebrating the small things. She has tons of great information and videos she share along the way. I would definitely recommend Stacy!!!

Lori H.

Thank you for the last 12 weeks (which I can't believe is over....) it's been amazing to work through this process with you and your program is so very amazing. I think you tackle the hard truths that come with a lifestyle shift and while most programs make it all about the weight loss (which is the least important thing really). 

You focus on the real life, tangible tools where if you master them, weight loss will be a happy side effect. I love the approach, keep doing what you are doing, it's gold.

Sylvia O.

I thought if I didn’t choose good foods I would get judged.  But it was the complete opposite.  Never once in the 12 weeks was I judged on my food choices, instead I was given suggestions, asked questions that forced me to look at some of the choices I was making and above all I was given encouragement.  It was refreshing for me to have access to Stacy’s food choices as well, everyday I was able to see what she was eating, and I was also able to see that she is human just like the rest of us.  


Stacy’s feed back was what I valued the most out of the program.  Not only did I receive a weekly review in my inbox of how my week went, but once again I was given questions that I needed to answer. It really made me think about the past week and what I could do to improve.  With those answers Stacy would then review them, and provide suggestions on what I could do to meet those weekly goals.  If there was something that I wanted to work on that week, Stacy would work around that.  If there was a question that she didn’t have an answer to, she would research it, and if she felt something was beneficial to the rest of her clients, she would pass that information along. There was always so much to learn, and so much support. 

Stacy will be with you every step of the way, providing encouragement and resources, she will help you to learn how to eat healthy and still have a life. Losing the dieting mentality is so freeing.  It allows you to live your life, and that lesson is priceless. 

Thank you Stacy! I really enjoyed my time with you and learned so much!

Darcy P.

Simply, at some point we all realize we are not going to get anywhere unless we start eating properly (me to my brain "if I stop and have that Big Mac meal, I will just workout 15 minutes longer"...UH, wrong answer). Believe me, this is a tough thing for a middle aged Alberta boy who loves his fast-food and lots of gravy on everything to admit. 

The time and dedication Stacy put into working directly with me to build my dedicated Nutrition Package was awesome. The initial consultations with her were mind blowing for me. I never realized at just how important nutrition really was and the effects it has on all aspects of life (this could be just a guy/husband thing lol). I will emphasize that THIS IS NOT A DIET, IT'S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE (thanks Coach 😉). 

If your are seriously wanting a lifestyle change as to obtain a personal goal or just making a better, healthier, life for yourself and/or your family, I highly recommend Stacy if you are willing to get your ass in gear and make this S#@T REAL.

THANK YOU Stace for helping to carve a better future for me and my family and the continual coaching that will be needed as the next holiday season seems to always be just around the corner lol.

Carole M.

What can I say, Stacy has been a tremendous help to me as I navigate through my IBS issues and been helpful to get me on a path to ease my symptoms. She is so encouraging and always there to answer any questions I have had. It wasn't just about eating, it was about my mental wellbeing and finding my emotional eating triggers.

When she said the 12 weeks were done, I was sad and thought, I can't do this on my own. I've had a few slip ups but I've got enough confidence now to know that I can do it and that if I have any questions, she is just an email away. Thank you for everything and I know your future clients will be in great hands with you as their cheerleader.