What Can I Expect from the 12-Week Accountability Program?

Here's what you can expect from the 12-Week Program:

You can expect individualized daily support, cheerleading, encouragement and motivation in helping you move in the direction of your own health and nutrition goals. 

You can expect that by the end of the 12-Weeks, you will have developed a healthier, more balanced relationship with food that is sustainable. 

You can expect to have lost weight and inches (if you have put in the work) because you are more in tune with who you are as an “eater”, with your own body and it’s hunger and fullness cues, making healthier choices easier and more natural.

You can expect to receive timely and valuable feedback regarding your food choices and to be offered practical and do-able suggestions to further improve or upgrade your diet and lifestyle. And all the while, you will never feel deprived (because you’re not on a “diet”). 

You can expect to have learned a lot more about how to make positive food choices, when to eat, and how food choices affect our bodies. 

You can expect to have learned that setbacks are just a part of life, and how to become a curious yet non-judgmental observer of your own choices.  

Finally, you can expect to be held accountable for your choices. 

Bonus: You can expect to see what an average day of eating looks like for me, as you'll be seeing what I eat every day as well! 


12-Week Accountability Coaching Program

Mark Your Calendars! 

I run my accountability coaching programs only 3 times per year

See below for the next two sessions! (January session has already begun)


Registration Opens March 2nd - April 3rd - $597 ($199/mo for three months)*

12-Week Program begins April 6th (April 2020 Session) 

*The program lasts 12 weeks, and you will be auto-charged every month for three months

Registration Opens August 4th - August 28th - $597 ($199/mo for three months)*

12-Week Program begins August 31st (September 2020 Session) 

*The program lasts 12 weeks, and you will be auto-charged every month for three months

NEW OFFER: Convince a friend to do the program with you and you both will receive one free month! (Value of $199)* Both must enrol at the same time and in the same session. 

Gift Certificates are available

Special Pricing for Previous Clients: 

Month-to-Month Membership: $25/month 

At the end of the 12-Week Program, if you're not ready to disconnect from me and my ambassadors just yet, stay connected month-to-month instead. We will keep sharing paths, and you can reach out at any time to ask questions or request feedback on meals. Please note that this does not include weekly reviews.

What's Included?

I take a limited amount of clients three times per year 

on this amazing 12-Week Journey. 


  • Daily food, drink, and activity monitoring by me, through a photo food journaling app (which we also communicate through)
  • (1) - 30-minute initial call to outline your goals in working with me
  • (3) - 30-minute "Coaching Calls" via telephone or Skype
  • Constructive and do-able weekly feedback suggestions based upon your stated goals
  • Weekly emails outlining and reinforcing the focus for the upcoming week
  • Weekly client surveys to maintain motivation, acknowledge successes, and highlight area of improvement for the upcoming week
  • Access to the group FB page for additional support from past and present group members (as well as access to my private Instagram page) where I create live videos, post motivational content, and answer client questions
  • Free 45-minute one-on-one personal training session with a certified trainer (https://juliehodge.ca/about)
  • Opportunity to join other “accountability partners” and my Ambassadors to garner additional support and accountability
  • And More!

"Graduates" of the program have the opportunity to continue on a 

month-to-month basis for $25/mo. 

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