My "Health-Style Accountability Club"

You will learn to live the healthiest life you can both enjoy and sustain

This is exactly what I NEEDED for myself years ago. 

Although the focus is on creating and maintaining healthy lifestyles, if you have weight to lose and follow my advice, you WILL lose it - because of your new healthy habits. 

I offer women a real and practical alternative to dieting, teaching them how to develop positive relationships with food, and how to live a balanced health-style that is sustainable.

In a supportive high-touch program, I offer both practical wellness education (focused on nutrition) as well as individualized accountability coaching. This includes daily check-ins and feedback, surveys and lessons, as well as a multitude of other tools and resources. 

This is for women who are tired of dieting and want to find a gentle yet effective way to eat for the rest of their lives. Accountability, often missing for a lot of women in creating and maintaining habits, is delivered in a positive, fun, yet high expectation environment.  

Unique Offering

This is unlike any other offering that am aware of currently out there. It combines both individual components as well as group support. It focuses on mindset and not just on food. It's flexible and YOUR needs are considered. 

What are you waiting for?

What Can I Expect from the Membership?

You will receive individualized daily support, cheerleading, encouragement and motivation in helping you move in the direction of your own health and nutrition goals. 

You will learn how to develop a healthier, more balanced relationship with food that is sustainable. 

You will experience weight loss and inches lost (if you put in the work) because you will become more in tune with who you are as an eater, with your own body and it’s hunger and fullness cues, making healthier choices easier and more natural. 

You will receive timely and valuable feedback regarding your food choices, and will be offered practical and do-able suggestions to further improve or upgrade your diet and lifestyle. All the while, you will never feel deprived (because you’re not on a “diet”). 

You will learn to how to view setbacks as temporary and part of life, and to become a curious yet non-judgmental observer of what you eat and why. 

You will be held accountable for your choices. 


What Is Included in the Monthly Fee?

  • Direct access to a dedicated nutrition & lifestyle coach (me)!
  • Daily observation of your food, drink and movement
  • Ability to see what a nutrition coach eats daily
  • Individualized daily feedback 
  • Individualized daily support with implementing better food habits and reducing negative ones
  • Tools to develop new skills, habits & mindsets
  • Access to an active and engaged FB group page
  • Access to “Graduates” of the program (you can see what THEY eat daily as well) 
  • 1 review per month (by email or phone)
  • Contests and Pop-up Challenges 
  • And more!


Invest In Yourself


Monthly Health-Style Club Memberships


Minimum commitment of three months

Cancel anytime after