create good habits
and never diet again



I love what Gretchen Rubin says about habits in her book Better Than Before: 

"For good and bad, habits are the invisible architecture of daily life".

I simply couldn't agree more.

You do not need another diet. 

You do not need to follow another perfect meal plan. 

You do not need yet another “diet expert” to tell you exactly what to eat in order to lose weight or be healthy. 

You do not need specially packaged foods or shakes.

You are not undisciplined. 

You are not incapable. 


What you do need, is support from a health expert to help you create (and stick to) daily health habits

Healthy habits create your healthy life. 

In working with my previous clients, I observed that while so many of them were very eager and enthusiastic at the beginning, follow through could be a problem. 

We would work together to create amazing plans tailored to their likes, preferences, needs and health concerns and we would talk about how to become healthier through the use of whole foods. I thought they had all the tools. 

I now understand though, that what was always missing was the focus on developing good habits. I learned that you can make the absolute best menu plan and give the most amazing advice, but none of that is very useful if it's not going to be adhered to. 


Daily Accountability & Support


You will have daily accountability and support from a real person. (Me!) 

You will get help in changing the habits you need in order to live your best life. 



What works for one will not work for all. We will figure out what works best for you, and because we are working with YOUR habits, you will get results. 

Habit Change


Maybe you aren't even aware of where you're going wrong. 

I will help you pinpoint "problem areas" and work with you to change them. 

Some Examples of Healthy Habits You May Want Help Cultivating

  • cooking at home more often or learning how to meal prep
  • not eating after 7pm
  • eating more mindfully, chewing better, and digesting properly
  • navigating temptations and difficult situations around food
  • including exercise into your week
  • sleeping better and handling stress more effectively
  • ditching sugar
  • learning to like vegetables and be more adventurous with flavours

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